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Private SMS Box

Private SMS MMS Box

PSB provides secure and private MMS and SMS. You can hide your text from unauthorized access. Your privacy is our high priority objective.

Free text message using Google Voice.
MMS support(BETA).(only Image)
User friendly chatting(conversation) view.
Threading View
Password protected SMS/MMS box
More then 100K Happy and satisfied users
Easy to move contact from/to private database.
Export / Import your private SMS/MMS database. (even you can move from one device to other)
Easy to move contact from/to private database.





TiSPY is Parental monitoring software to keep track and control on child activity over phone. Its advanced monitoring aspects include child phone monitoring and child phone tracking system.

Instant Audio/Photo/Location (Unique Features)
SMS Driven Audio/Photo/Location (Unique Features)
Call Tracking with Audio
SMS Tracking
GPS Location Tracking
Phonebook Access
URL Tracking
Photo Tracking
Video Tracking
Calendar/Memo Tracking
Contact Event Tracking


Private Gallery

Private Gallery - Hide Picture

Protect your pictures using very fast and secure ENCRYPTION algorithm. No any icon in application list. You can easily open the app using phone dialer by dialing you secret password.

Hide photo or video in very secure manner.
Easy to use
Hide multiple video/photo in single selection.
Hide application completely (Access via dialer Only)
Real file encryption which give 100% Security
No buddy can see your media files even have full access of your SDCard or Phone
Private Camera to take pictures directly in Private gallery.